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Eddie Sound & Reiki Healing


Eddie Mendez has always known the power of music and energy healing. Throughout life, he has learned that through specific vibrations and frequencies, one can experience so much joy and also help one release trapped emotions. By learning Reiki he has combined the two healing methods to help ensure that individuals are able to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Music has been everywhere throughout centuries and cultures, because of its impact on a person and its healing properties. Eddie Mendez plays various instruments that bring forth strong vibrations and frequencies like a gong, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, ocean drum, and many other holistic healing instruments. The sound healing and Reiki that Eddie Mendez offers will help open the passageways of healing, aligning the chakras, and aid in achieving set intentions. Sound Healing is a relaxing experience that Eddie provides for one on one and also for groups. These sessions can consist of sound bath or Reiki, but if the individual is open to it, both modalities can be included for the best experience Eddie likes to offer.

Sound Bath & Reiki Sessions

Private Sessions Are Offered By Eddie By Reservation Only

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Reiki Healing

One on One 

$75 for 30 Minutes

$150 for 60 Minutes

Sound Healing

One On One

$40 For 30 Minutes

$80 For 60 Minutes

Couple Or 2 People

$77 For 33 Minutes

$99 For 66 Minutes

*90 Minutes sessions available for both sound bath and reiki for $225 

Party/Group Sound Bath

*$400 -Up To 20 Friends/Relatives For 3 Hours 

*Please reach out to me in advance to reserve a party.

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For any questions and for reservations, call/ text Eddie at 602-291-6594 or email

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